Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have gotten back into watercolors lately. This is a piece I did on
a 9x12 sheet of watercolor paper with a 3 color limited palette.

I finally learned how to paint with oils over the past half year or so. I enjoy everything about it except the cleaning up part.In the 3rd week into painting, I painted this on a 22x40 hand stretched canvas. I really began to play with the way I slopped on Gesso to create a texture even before painting on the canvas.

I'm really pleased with how this leg turned out.

Afterwards, I began to study generalizing shapes and colors.
I also began to add my study of light, and weight into the style.
I can see my paintings become more painterly as the weeks roll by.
These are both done on 30x40 canvases each.

For one of my final pieces, I took a coin from the Yang Dynasty (Chinese)
that has 1 inch in diameter and painted it on a 40x40 canvas. It turns out
that the bigger the canvas, the more I enjoy painting on it. I really want to
paint on a 120x120 or even bigger size, but I have no space for something
like that right now. Stretching a canvas that big must be crazy.

For my second piece, I studied Lucian Freud(a modern god of oils),and
his painting Reflection II. It was required that I use his palette
and techniques, so this is what I came up with this for my self portrait.


Kar Kay said...

Bigger is better! I didn't know you started up another blog. I'm liking the water colours!

Yamagata Ke said...
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Hunter said...

Fuck these are huge. How do you carry this shit around?

Lucian Freud rules.